This website is set up to promote the work of the Institute for Rural Development Trust (IRDT), a registered charity based in Tamil Nadu, South India, and the Friends of Mettupalayam Trust (FOM) a registered charity based in the UK.
These two groups of people have been working together since 1987 and have touched on the lives of literally tens of thousands of people. Our work has always centred on improving the life circumstances and opportunities for people living in the area of Tamil Nadu. Over time, we have developed our work so as to provide support in a range of significant areas. These include: education, nutrition, disability, credit unions, health and welfare, farming and support for the elderly.

Currently we run two primary schools, the second set up in response to the tsunami, a 32 acre farm, we have set up and support over 200 women’s groups. We also arrange an array of health camps. There is a significant amount of support provided for the disabled in our wider geographical area- this is delivered with the help and guidance of The Association of People with Disabilities (APD) based in Bangalore.

Through this website we will share news of the work that we are undertaking. We also provide the opportunity for people to access resources that may be of wider use, we do this particularly with schools in mind. We also want to make ourselves available to schools and organisations for talks and presentations. Finally we want to create the opportunity for people to offer their support to us. Thank you for visiting this site. Please do feel free to contact us using the links provided.

David Eldridge