Education is at the heart of the  project and where it all started.

In 1985 a young uneducated boy in the poor rural village of Mettupalayam, asked Venkat if he would teach him to read. This one boy was soon joined by many more children and with the support of a young British teacher, Venkat's vision to create a school was realised.

Venkat now oversees two schools, one in the village of Mettupalayam and one which was established in a village on the Bay of Bengal coast after the devastating tsunami of 2004. The school curriculum is relevant to daily life skills, but it is also broad and ambitious. Many students from schools go on to achieve well in high school and beyond. Our schools are inclusive and children of all backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to attend. This is particularly illustrated by Venkat's ground-breaking work to include the local tribal community, some of whom have gone on to University education – a first in the State.

Venkat welcomes connections with UK schools and teachers which provides an opportunity to enhance the provision both in India and in the UK as knowledge and skills are shared.